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[spacer] [row] [span4] [frame align=”none”]Priti Checker[/frame][hero_unit title=”Are you ready to transform your life? Create the life you want to live yourself.” text=”Praveen Checker & Priti Checker are one of most knowledgeable and leading Vastu Experts in India. Praveen Checker attained his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. He developed an illustrious career in the field of Architecture but the ways of God had always intrigued him and this led him into the quest of Vastu and Astrology. Integrating all three fields together was a conscious effort to achieve the best in Vastu. He has a vision of creating places with abundance of happiness, prosperity and harmony by applying Vastu solutions.” btn_text=”More About Us” btn_link=”Vaastu-consultant” btn_style=”link” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self”]

Our Vision

Under your divine guidance, My lord, help us to accomplish the task of alleviating the distress of people whom we meet. It is unfortunate for us to earn our living from the people in distress but we take it as our earnest destiny to become your instrument in the process of healing. You have given us this opportunity with the right tools of knowledge and unfaltering faith in You. So we pray to you to grant us the grace, strength and inspiration to use our knowledge to fulfil the responsibility with persistent sincerity and compassion. Let us always have the faith that You are the ultimate Healer and source of knowledge and we are just a medium to your magnanimity. Oh My Lord let everyone’s life and wellness grow in fullness until it overflows. [/span4] [span4]

Why Choose Us

Everybody wants a successful life with all the possible comforts and peace. We all strive for a healthy and stress-free environment around us. Everyone wants the “Golden days of life” to continue forever and there is absolutely nothing inappropriate in wishing for such a life. But sometimes the number of efforts put in does not give desired results; this is where Vastu fills in the gap and ensures to enhance the quality of life in terms of health, wealth, continuous growth, good relationships and peace of mind.


  • Vastu For Home :

    Residential Vastu Remedies aims at achieving harmony, happiness, contentment and good health for the occupants. It is important that our home should be a place where we feel relaxed and secure. Also, we are able to rejuvenate our body and soul to face daily challenges. A person is more productive if the house environment is warm, healthy and peaceful.

  • Vastu For Office / Corporates / Institutions :

    Vastu Remedies in a workplace aims at increasing the productivity of the employees thereby achieving monetary gains for all. It is important for all the employees to work together in harmony to create a stimulating and tension-free environment. Vastu remedies help in increased monetary gains, improved cash flows, better employee performance and more support from external agencies. The same principle applies to other institutions like Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and Restaurants where customer satisfaction, increased customer flow and recovery of patients in hospitals, the increased performance of students in educational institutions are some of the parameters where Vastu is helpful.

  • Vastu For Industry :

    Vastu Remedies can help in an escalation of sales and production. It also helps in procurement, legal matters, recovery of payments and support from external agencies like bank or government bodies for clearance and approvals. The aim of Vastu is to achieve a positive work atmosphere, improved quality of labour, production and profitability. In Vastu compliant Industries the solutions find their own way to the little problems cropping up every now and then but the non-compliant ones persistently face the issues related to finance labour and production.

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What‘s New?

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