About Us

"In the symphony of architecture, Vastu orchestrates the perfect harmony between man and nature"

Ar. Praveen Checker attained his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. He developed an illustrious career in the field of Architecture but the ways of God had always intrigued him and this led him into the quest of Vastu and Astrology. Integrating all three fields together was a conscious effort to achieve the best in Vastu. Astrology helps in considering the planetary positions of the owner while suggesting remedies. Being an Architect and Interior Designer gives him an edge over other Vastu Consultants since he is in a position to plan in accordance with Vastu without compromising on the aesthetic and visual value ofthe place. His approach is performance-oriented and he has successfully completed many cases with amazing results. He has studied and practised Vastu principles in depth and he has been able to incorporate them successfully in his designs also compromising with the required functional flow of the spaces. His Vastu designs clearly signify that modern, luxurious spaces can be created keeping Vastu principles in mind bringing prosperity and peace in the occupant’s life.

Our Prayer

Under your divine guidance, My lord, help us to accomplish the task of alleviating the distress of people whom we meet. It is unfortunate for us to earn our living from the people in distress but we take it as our earnest destiny to become your instrument in the process of healing. You have given us this opportunity with the right tools of knowledge and unfaltering faith in You. So we pray to you to grant us the grace, strength and inspiration to use our knowledge to fulfil the responsibility with persistent sincerity and compassion. Let us always have the faith that You are the ultimate Healer and source of knowledge we are just a medium to your magnanimity. Oh My Lord let everyone’s life and wellness grow in fullness until it overflows.

Expert's Perspective

Like how the various systems within our body require health, balance, and coordination to ensure our overall well-being, integrating Vastu principles into our living spaces establishes harmony among the energies surrounding us, fostering peace, health, and prosperity. Once these energies are aligned, adherence to the tenets of Vastu Shashtra is necessary to sustain this equilibrium. Vastu practices work to dispel negative energies from our environment, allowing us to focus wholeheartedly on our endeavours, resulting in remarkable outcomes. It's important to note that while Vastu plays a significant role, it is not a substitute for hard work and integrity; one's efforts or "Karma" remain essential for achieving optimal results.

Therefore, Vastu can aptly be described as a "Science of Energies." The essence of Vastu Solutions lies in manipulating these energies for our benefit without resorting to structural modifications. Given that the energies emanating from the earth, cosmos, and our surroundings influence our cognitive processes, maintaining balance in aspects such as artwork, colour schemes, object placement, and technological devices is crucial, all without resorting to destructive measures.

Our Teams

Priti Checker

Partner Vastu Consultant

Priti Checker is a postgraduate in Hospital Management and has been studying and working in the field of Vastu & Vastu Interiors with Mr Checker for many years. Her background relating to the medical field has helped her deeply understand the healing process that can be undertaken using the various gadgets and streamlining of energies.