Vaastu Interiors

"Embrace the whispers of Vastu; they carry the secrets to unlocking the potential of your living spaces"

Design interiors based on Vaastu principles for harmony and balance in your life. 

By integrating Vastu elements into interior design services, we offer a holistic approach that not only enhances the visual appeal of spaces but also promotes positive energies and well-being in alignment with Vastu. Spaces having balanced environments exude positive vibes and occupants experience good health, relationships and growth. We cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our clients, ensuring a well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing outcome for residential, commercial, or institutional spaces.

While planning, the placement of rooms, position of furniture items, colours, wallpapers of the walls, artefacts and paintings are planned based on the 16 directions & zones. The main five elements - Earth, Fire, Space, Air and Water are integrated into the designs to give maximum benefits while still being part of the design.

Steps for key to happiness & success

Various offerings can be provided in a Vastu-based interior design service to align the living or working space with Vastu principles. These may include:

  1. Space Planning: Strategic and efficient arrangement of rooms, furniture and elements to optimize the use of space, energy flow and functionality.
  2. Colour Consultation: Selection of appropriate colours to create a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere in alignment with the five elements of nature.
  3. Furniture Design: Customized designs or selection of furniture that complements the overall theme of the interiors. Emphasis is given on the material and design conformation to the 16 zones.
  4. Lighting Design: Planning and placement of lighting fixtures to enhance ambience and functionality. At the same time, the focus remains on letting the maximum natural light and ventilation into the place.
  5. Material Selection: Choosing suitable materials for flooring, walls, and furnishings based on aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.
  6. Textile and Upholstery: Selection of fabrics, curtains, and upholstery that align with the design concept. Here also selections of material and colors play a major role in keeping in alignment with the five elements of nature.
  7. Window Treatments: Designing and implementing window coverings for privacy, light control, and aesthetics. A lot of attention is paid to having a lot of natural ventilation in all the areas.
  8. Art and Décor Placement: Guidance on placing artwork and decor items for visual appeal. The material and design of all the paintings and artefacts are recommended based on the Vastu principles.
  9. Customized Design Solutions: The designs are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the client. Every member of the family is consulted for their unique requirements & preferences in home interiors. Every aspect of business is taken into account for office interiors, to increase efficiency and productivity. 
  10. Project Management: Overseeing and coordinating the entire design process, including procurement and installation. End-to-end solutions are provided within the client's budget and time.
  11. Renovation and Remodeling: Providing services for renovating or remodelling existing spaces for a fresh look. As with time, the functional needs change, and renovation is done incorporating Vastu principles and still meeting the new requirements.
  12. Sustainable Design: Incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable practices in the design process. Emphasis is paid on making the premises well-ventilated and naturally lighted. Natural substances are encouraged to be used and a lot of green areas are planned.
  13. 3D Visualization: Creating visual representations of the proposed design for client understanding. Basic 3D drawings are provided after the conceptual 2D drawings have been approved by the client.
  14. Budgeting and Cost Estimation: Assisting clients in planning and managing the budget for the project. A close tab is kept on the expenses to remain within the budget.
  15. Commercial Spaces: We implement Vastu principles for office layouts, retail spaces, and other commercial environments. The right placement of the CEO's office, conference room, pantry, washrooms and various departments according to their nature of work is done based on the Vastu principles.
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