Frequently Asked Questions

Vastu is simply harmonizing your surroundings with nature. As Charles Cook says “Your deepest roots are in nature. No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of life you lead, you remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation.” So no matter how complex or affluent our human societies become we will remain a part of earth’s ecosystems and we can flourish only if we live in harmony with it. Vastu helps to balance all the five elements of nature, remove the negative energies and create a positive energy field around us.

Vastu is balancing the five elements of nature to remove obstructive forces from your environment. Once this is achieved positivity and clarity of your thoughts will prevail revealing your full potential. Opportunities come and you are able to exploit them to the maximum. Be it in business, relationships or workplace you will be successful in everything.

Science of Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Meditation and Yoga, all come from the Vedic tradition. Each of the branches have their own benefits and are interconnected on some level wherein they may enhance the effect of each other if followed together. Astrology gives diagnostic report of the problem and Vastu gives the remedies.

It is a myth that Vastu always involves Structural Changes or is only meant for new construction. A building can be made Vastu compliant with alterations of colors, placing certain artifacts, sculptures, rods/strips of metals or symbols. Sometimes relocation of activities is also suggested. Although, to plan a new building on basis of Vastu is easier, remedies done post- construction or pre-construction, both are equally effective.

When all the energies are balanced in your environment, opportunities will be generated. Then the onus lies on the efforts put in to utilize these opportunities. Sometimes enhancements can be noticed right away. Vastu is not a substitute to hard work but it is a booster and a rock solid support to the efforts made.

No, Vastu Analysis Report provided by us, gives you in detail, the colours and the activities to be carried out in the various zones of the building therefore for making minor changes you just need to refer back to the report. Also it is a fact that when you already have a strong positive energy field around, your subconscious itself leads you to the right thoughts and actions. But if any major structural alteration is being made then it is recommended to have a consultation before the plans are finalized.

Vastu has always been about creating an environment of positive energies around us therefore the fundamentals of Vastu are applicable in today’s world also. Although there are many concepts followed in the olden days which may not be applicable now, but Vastu has evolved in tandem with modern concepts. Some non-qualified Vastu consultants may thereby take advantage of your ignorance, therefore please do check on the credentials of the consultant before consultation.

Although the changes suggested are very easy to follow, understand and implement but still if for some reason they cannot be completed, then the changes already made might not have the desired effect but nothing negative will also not happen. Vastu is a Science; therefore do not feel threatened by following or not following it.

Vastu is not a religion but a science. Anybody who wants to revel in the benefits of Vastu can follow it irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It is a science which like any other science field is always being researched upon further.

Integration of Vastu, Astrology and Architecture makes Sh. Praveen Checker an ideal person for the job. He is capable of correctly diagnosing and successfully treating the problems in non-destructive and eco-friendly ways.

The analysis of a place starts with first calculating the true north, manually using a good compass and confirming it with google earth. A deviation of more than 2 degrees can adversely affect the analysis result.

Then, To- the- scale plans of the building are made using Auto-Cad with proper dimensions and area. These is important to mark the various zones of the building with utmost precision because ultimately the remedies will be done in these zones and any discrepancy in their calculations will result in unexpected outcome. This can accurately be done by an Architect only.

The horoscope of the owner is also analyzed and the results are incorporated in the final Vastu Report. For this to be done correctly a Vastu consultant needs to have a thorough knowledge of Astrology too.

It is very convenient to visit a place and give Vastu remedies then and there without making effort for these precise methods but then real tangible results are obtained only when this process is followed correctly.

We at Vaastu Solutions armed with the complete knowledge of Vastu, Architecture and Astrology follow the whole process step up step so that there is no room for any oversight.