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"In the blueprint of existence, Vastu is the ink that writes stories of abundance and joy in every corner"

Vastu is simply harmonizing your surroundings with nature. As Charles Cook says “Your deepest roots are in nature. No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of life you lead, you remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation.” So no matter how complex or affluent our human societies become we will remain a part of earth’s ecosystems and we can flourish only if we live in harmony with it. Vastu helps to balance all the five elements of nature, remove the negative energies and create a positive energy field around us.

Vastu helps to balance all the five elements of nature, remove the negative energies and create a positive energy field around us. So no matter how complex or affluent our human societies become we will remain a part of earth’s ecosystems and we can flourish only if we live in harmony with it.

Background and Problems
Kamaljeet and Simran have been very good friends since childhood. Their families had been very close to each other being partners in the same business. Unlike other business houses, there was no discord in these families. Everyone revered each other and there was complete transparency in the business matters between the families. The business was also flourishing and everyone was just happy and content with the way everything was turning out to be. It was natural, that both the families decided to turn their relationship into a stronger bond by marrying their children. Kamaljeet and Simran were also very fond of each other and they understood each other very well. Although, Simran was a year older than Kamaljeet, it did not matter. Both of them were actively involved in the family business and were doing appreciably well. Everyone believed that it was a perfect match and even an astrologer stamped it so. The marriage took place with huge pomp and show and everyone was happy.
Even after knowing and understanding each other for so many years, the newlywed couple started having issues over small things. Both of them tried to cope with it thinking that being just friends and then living together as a couple were entirely different experiences. They believed that all these teething problems would vanish away with time. But to everyone’s surprise, this did not happen, instead, the relationship was going from bad to worse. The parents of both the families were hurt and upset because they simply adored both the kids and they had expected to make a stronger family bond with the marriage. Less than a year after the couple decided that this daily squabbling was hurting everyone more and they should get divorced.
It was the time that Kamaljeet’s father contacted Mr Checker and asked him to help get the relationship of their children back on track.

  1. Before marriage the house was renovated and the bedroom for the newly-wedded couple was made in the South-East which signifies anxiety, fire and aggression. The walls and décor of the room were light green.
  2.  There was a toilet in South- West direction which controlled the relationships.
  3. Royal blue curtains and upholstery were used in an East-South-East direction leading to overthinking.


  1. Since they had a nice guest bedroom in the North-North-West direction, the couple was asked to shift into that bedroom. The colour of the room was already a combination of light blue and white, so there was a need to renovate the room too.
  2.  The toilet was treated using a brass strip around the toilet seat.
  3. The blue curtains were replaced with light yellow ones and a painting with churning scenes was placed in the area.
  4. The earth's energies were neutralized and positive energy was channelized with oils, gems and metals in the whole house.

With a lot of counselling the couple agreed to give their marriage another shot with the remedies done. Eventually, over the time of a few weeks, they realized that they had stopped being bothered by those unnecessary issues. Their relationship was becoming much more cordial and smooth. They could again be like old friends who understood each other well. They had started experiencing real marital bliss. The parents knew no bounds to their happiness.

Background and Problems
Mohana and Srikant are a wonderful couple with two children who have always been very affectionate and protective of each other. The couple loved each other and shared a very strong bond of mutual trust and love. The children have been given a very balanced environment at home where love and respect were everyday norms for them. Sri Kant is a respectable businessman and has earned enough to give his family a very comfortable lifestyle. The wife had a creative inclination and was well-educated. The children have always been above average in academics and have made their parents proud on numerous occasions. Both of them well understood the importance of education in life and encouraged both the children to pursue the fields of their interest. The elder son took up management studies and the daughter was more creative like the mother took English (Hons) and was more into creative writing. Everything was going fine till the time they shifted to a rented house because they wanted to rebuild their present house according to their future needs.
After a little more than a month of shifting the children had started losing the focus on studies. The son was continuously adopting a back attitude of “kar loonga, jaldi kya hai”. The grades had started falling and the more he was reminded of the problem, the more agitated he got with the nagging. The daughter’s concentration was also deteriorating. She had almost stopped writing beautiful poems and articles. Now she was more interested in meeting up the friends, partying and her looks and style. Any objection raised by the parents resulted in a stormy tantrum. The relationships once filled with love were now getting strained day by day with no solution in sight.
Mohana and Sri Kant were at a complete loss with children. They were depressed and frustrated over the recent developments. They got a reference for Mr. Checker through a friend. Although they were staying on rent and it was a temporary arrangement till the new house was complete, they decided to get their house inspected for Vastu Defects to prevent the situation from aggravating further. After a detailed inspection of the house, the following steps were taken.

1. The son’s bedroom was in the South direction which was making him relaxed. A mirror was placed in the wrong direction.
2. The washing machine was placed in West-South-West which is the ideal place for a study table.
3. The daughter’s bedroom was in North- North-West direction leading to increased social behaviour. One of the walls of the room had a rust-coloured wallpaper.

1. The son was shifted to the parent’s bedroom in North-East direction.
2. The washing machine was removed from the NNW and shifted to the appropriate place.
3. The wall colour in the daughter’s bedroom was changed to a light soothing green. The study table was shifted in a West-North-West direction. She was asked to spend maximum time of her there.

Within a span of three months, their lives were coming back to normal. The aggression and the procrastination being shown by the son had diluted to a great extent and his focus was coming back to the studies again. The daughter had also resumed writing again and was now more concentrated on her college. The parents were so relieved that they got their new plans for the house(Architectural & Interiors) also made by Mr Checker which were Vastu compliant.

Background and Problems
This family of six with parents, son, daughter-in-law and two daughters are going through a very rough phase. The relationships between all of them are too strained and the son was jobless for a considerable time. Even after he got a job, it was highly unsatisfactory since it involved a lot of travelling to remote places and was too demanding on health and general well-being. The monetary part was being taken care of but not in the desired way.


  1. The son was sleeping in the disposal zone of the house, and it was not possible to shift the bedroom or change his sleeping position. 
  2. The washing machine was also being operated in the relationship zone. 
  3. Apart from this, the toilets were in a relationship which they were taking a toll on the relationships.


  1. The washing machine was shifted from the relationship zone to the depression zone.
  2. A yellow vase was placed in the disposal zone.
  3. The floor under and around the WC in the toilet was given yellow and white strips.
  4. A yellow-coloured stone was placed under the burner in the kitchen for gain in fiancés.
  5. The entrance was virtually blocked with a yellow strip to overcome unstable careers and insecurity in relationships.
  6. The Earth's energy was neutralized and positive energy was channelized using oils, gems and metals in the whole house.

In this case, quite a few changes were not implemented because of the resistance posed by some family members who were non-believers in Vastu. But with whatever changes done, the couple experienced an enhancement in their relationship and also saw improvement in the finances. On further analysis, it was revealed that despite the improvement in the finances, they were still facing an issue of wasteful expenditure. Through discussion, it was revealed that they had placed all the old purses/wallets in the bedbox in the disposal zone. They were asked to immediately remove these items to another possible zone to curb the wasteful expenditure.

Background and Problems
This was a family of 4, both the parents being renowned dentists with two loving children. The couple had been with each other happily for 20 years through thick and thin of life. The elder son was doing very well in his studies and the younger daughter apart from doing well in his studies was actively involved in still-advertising.
Problems started when they shifted to their new house and there was a slump in the finances.
The elder son started lagging in his studies and for the daughter opportunities coming in the field of advertisement were not materialising.
Due to the lack of opportunities in the profession financial crunch was being felt by the couple.
All these issues had led to a lot of differences between the sweet couple also.


  1. There were many zones in the house which were affected and some needed enhancements also. 
  2. The elder son was sleeping in the disposal zone of the parent’s bedroom, therefore all his efforts in studies were going to waste. 
  3. Also, all the important money and related documents were kept in the same zone due to which they were facing heavy losses.
  4. The washing machine was in the zone affecting the relationships. Green plants were also kept in the relationship zone.


  1. The locker having the money and property documents was shifted to the right zone and the elder son was shifted to his bedroom which was very good for his studies and health. 
  2. A green painting was suggested to be hung to bring new opportunities about the work for both the daughter and parents. A green-coloured strip in the kitchen was suggested.
  3. The washing machine was shifted to another zone. 
  4. All the green plants were also shifted from the relationship zone to bring harmony to the relationship and bring in business opportunities. 
  5. To further improve upon the family relationships, some family photographs were suggested to be put in the relationship zone.
  6. The Earth's energy was neutralized and positive energy was channelized using oils, gems and metals in the whole house.

The income tax issue lingering on for so many months got sorted out almost instantly. New opportunities in terms of opening a new clinic came their way. Finances have improved over the period. The elder son like before is getting good grades and the daughter got some coveted assignments in her portfolio. The relationship between the husband and wife also improved.

Background and Problems

The family is of an IT Professional living in a rented house. They are a family of three, with only one play-school-going child. The child, since the beginning, is a very cheerful and happy kid, loves story books and is very fond of going to school.
The problem came when the child all of a sudden, just refused to go to the school. He would throw all possible kinds of tantrums at the time of getting ready. The parents consulted the teachers and tried every possible technique to get him to school but it was just not possible.
The second problem was related to the head of the family. How much ever effort he was putting into his job, he was not getting the deserved raise and appreciation.
Relationships with other family members were not close, no matter how much they tried to bind together.


  1. On visit to their house, to-the-scale plans were made and the whole house was divided into various zones to specifically mark out the education and finance zone.
  2.  The education zone had a washing machine kept there which was shifted recently.
  3. The finance zone had a lot of cluttering of old packing Boxes, useless material and heavy objects of no value blocking that place. 
  4. The late father’s photograph was placed in the disposal zone.


  1. It was strongly recommended they shift the washing machine to another possible zone of the house.
  2. It was also suggested to completely get rid of the clutter kept in the finance zone. 
  3. The third suggestion was to shift the (Late) father’s picture from the disposal zone to the relationship zone.
  4. The earth's energies were neutralized and positive energy was channelized with oils, gems and metals in the whole house.


The response in the case of the child was immediate; he started going to school as happily as he used to go earlier. His father got a promotion the next month with a satisfactory raise. Within two months the relationship also progressed positively with other family members. The whole family experienced an increase in the overall happiness, prosperity and harmony in the family.