Commercial Vaastu

"As the stars guide the sailor, let Vastu navigate your office towards a voyage of prosperity and success"

Vastu principles for office spaces aim to cultivate an environment conducive to fostering new business opportunities, thereby enhancing profitability and amplifying gains. Moreover, these principles facilitate the strengthening of the employer-employee relationship, ultimately contributing to higher employee retention rates.

By implementing Vastu remedies, offices can infuse a positive ambience that resonates throughout the workspace, uplifting the spirits of employees and boosting productivity levels. This positive energy not only fosters happiness and satisfaction among employees but also enhances customer relations, paving the way for sustained growth and prosperity.

Bring success and power to your office

Our comprehensive Analysis for Vaastu for Office involves a meticulous process carried out by our experienced Vaastu consultant, ensuring a thorough understanding of the space. Here's an overview of the detailed assessment:

Scope of Work

  • Three Site Visits: Our Vaastu consultant conducts three visits to the site, gathering crucial information for accurate evaluation.
  • Initial Visit: Measurements are taken for creating "To the Scale" plans, and the precise North Direction is calculated. Photographs are captured to consider colour and elemental influences during the analysis.
  • Client Input: A detailed list of the client's challenges and desired outcomes is obtained during the first visit.
  • Energy Assessment: Advanced energy scanners are employed to measure the energy levels of the space, allowing for effective channelization to promote happiness and prosperity.
  • Floor Plans and Zones: Clients receive detailed floor plans indicating the position of recommended remedies, along with specified zones and their corresponding colours. This facilitates future changes, reducing the need for repeated consultations. The floor plans also indicate the placement of the departments according to the type of work being done in the office. The right placement of the generator/inverter and any other equipment specifically used by the office is also indicated. 
  • Practical Remedies: Corrections primarily involve the strategic use of bespoke remedies using essential oils, gems, colours, paintings, sculptures, symbols, or activity relocation, ensuring practicality, ease of understanding, and implementation. The position of staff is also suggested based on their nature of work.
  • Chart-Based Remedies: The remedies prepared are implemented to align with the cosmic energy as per the planets in your horoscope.
  • Second Visit: A second visit is conducted after “To the scale” drawings are complete, to mark the precise points where the first batch of the remedies will be installed.
  • Third Visit: The Remedies will be installed on the points marked by us in the previous visit. New points will be marked in this visit for the installation of the second batch of remedies. The energies will be re-checked to ensure the efficacy of the remedies installed. 
  • 6-Month Hand Holding: We provide support for six months, offering guidance and assistance as clients adapt to the implemented changes.
  • Remedial Report: A comprehensive written report detailing the suggested remedies is provided for easy comprehension. The cost of remedies is inclusive of the consultation fees.

Fees :
Rs. 1,00,000 + GST as applicable, for up to an area of 1500 sq ft. Thereafter, for the area above this, a charge of Rs. 60 per sq ft will be applicable.

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