Vaastu Consultation

"Where Vastu reigns, tranquility reigns supreme; let its principles sculpt your sanctuary."

Vastu Consultation includes consultation for Homes, Offices, Corporations, Institutions, Industries, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants. The main aim of providing Vastu remedies is to capitalize on the strength of the place and eliminate its weaknesses. The remedies are result-oriented and they serve to enhance the potential of the occupants to the fullest. The positive energies are harnessed to give the desired results. Our Vastu Services include both onsite and offsite consultations with both National and International clients. Architectural and interior Designing Consultancy is also provided for the Vastu Designs, if required.

Property Compatibility Check

As the name suggests, Property Compatibility Check helps identify whether the prospective buyer is compatible with the property. If the property is incompatible with the

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Residential Vaastu

Residential Vaastu or Vastu for Home aims at achieving harmony, happiness, contentment,  good health and relationships for the occupants. Vastu seeks to make our home

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Commercial Vaastu

Vastu principles for office spaces aim to cultivate an environment conducive to fostering new business opportunities, thereby enhancing profitability and amplifying gains. Moreover, these principles

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Industrial Vaastu

Vastu for factories/institutions positively influence various factors crucial in increasing production efficiency, improving sales performance and cash flow management. external support from banks & government

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Vaastu Architecture

Make your building a powerhouse of positive energy. It acts as a nitro pack to all the positive efforts of the occupants. The results of all

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Vaastu Interiors

Design interiors based on Vaastu principles for harmony and balance in your life. By integrating Vastu elements into interior design services, we offer a holistic approach

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