Vastu Assessment Tool for Home

Why is it essential to implement Vastu for House?

A dwelling based on Vastu principles ensures that all the occupants of the house are at peace, enjoy harmonious relationships, experience the satisfaction of achieving the desired in their respective fields and on the whole live a life of contentment, harmony, good health and continuous growth.

Vastu Assessment Tool for House

What is the position of the Main Entrance/Gate?

Where is the Kitchen?

Where is the Master Bedroom?

Where is the Master-Bedroom’s Bathroom?

Where is the Children’s Bedroom?

Where is the Children Bedroom’s Bathroom?

Where is the Guest-room?

Where is the Guest Bedroom’s Bathroom?

Where is the Drawing or Dining Room?

Where is the Tube-well or Underground Tank?

Where is the Garage/Servant’s Quarters?

Which direction of the plot is the House built in?

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