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Vaastu Analysis Commercial

Vaastu Analysis Commercial

Complete Vaastu Analysis of a commercial place like an Office, Industry, Institution or Corporate building requires a very detailed assessment. To achieve this site visit by our experienced Vaastu consultant is done who collects all the relevant information and compiles the following for correct evaluation.

  1.  The Vaastu Consultant will visit the site twice.
  2.  On the first visit, the measurements will be taken for preparing the “To the scale” plans and precise North Direction will be calculated.
  3. Photographs of all the areas will also be taken to ensure that no anti-colour or element is missed during analysis.
  4.  A list of problems being faced and desired results to be given by the client.
  5.  Energy Scanners will be used to measure the energy level of the place, so that it can be effectively channelized, for achieving happiness and prosperity.
  6. The client will be provided with floor plans showing precisely the position of the remedies. Also, the various zones and their respective colors will be mentioned. This is very useful for making any changes in future. The client can always refer back to the plans and decide whether the changes (in terms of color, changing activity of that area etc) will be favorable or not. This reduces the need for repeated consultation until and unless there is a major structural change being done 
  7. Almost all of the corrections are done through colors, paintings, sculptures, symbols or relocation of activity in a particular area. The remedies suggested are practical, easy to understand and follow.
  8. The Second visit will be undertaken after all the changes have been done to ensure their efficacy.
  9. Hand Holding for a time period of 6 months is provided for the same plans and challenges.

We would analyze the plan and suggest the remedies to be done in a comprehensive manner. The remedies will be listed in a written report for easy comprehension. The cost of remedies is included in the fees.

Fees :

For Office/ Commercial Places: Rs. 75,000 + GST as applicable, for up to 1000 sq ft. Thereafter for the area above this, a charge of Rs. 75 per sq ft will be applicable.

For Institutional/ Industrial: Rs. 75,000 + GST as applicable, for up to an area of  1500 sq ft. Thereafter for the area above this a charge of Rs. 50 per sq ft will be applicable.

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