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28 Jan 2024

The Main Five Elements

Panch Mahabhoot Tatvas or The Main Five Elements of which the whole Universe is made is the basis of life.

The Earth (Prithvi), Water(Jal), fire (Agni), Space (Akaash) and Air (Vayu) need to be in harmony inside the body for us to remain healthy. Vastu serves to balance all the main five elements outside our body to keep our environment healthy and vibrant.

The basics of our life. We are affected by the earth in so many ways, its gravitational force and magnetic field have a tremendous effect on us. When Vastu advises to keep the head in the south direction while sleeping, it does so, based on the magnetic property of the earth. Keeping in line with the magnetic field helps us to harness the positive energy from the cosmos. This keeps us fit and healthy. Vastu deals in detail with parameters like the type of soil, minerals present, shape, size and slope which form the basis for site selection and the type of construction that can be done. Earth is also linked to our five senses of hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight and therefore exercises a great deal of influence on us. Earth accomplishes all our needs; it is the provider of solidarity, permanence, balance and prudence in our character. It is important to balance this element in our environment to achieve stability in all aspects of our lives, especially in careers, relationships and behaviour.

Water is fundamental in ensuring clear continuous growth. Most of the living bodies are made up of water and various functions of the body require water for smooth functioning. Having enough water symbolizes a good inflow of funds. Since water flows, itis attributed to the ability to clean. It symbolizes continuity and clarity in life. Its balanced state gives people a clear vision of their life, realize the opportunities and have a strong immune system and health. With its imbalance health takes a back seat, and undue stress and tensions crop up. And mental peace is lost.

Space is the most widely spread element of all. Space is all around us, the unending universe consists of all the heavenly bodies consist of space. Space signifies both growth and expansion in all aspects of our life. The main attribute of space is sound therefore it signifies the importance of connectivity also. The balanced state of space in our environment leads to our healthy mental and physical well-being, enrichment of relationships and enhancements in business and profits. On the other hand imbalance of the space element leads to obstacles in the fulfilment of ambitions, losses in business, and a feeling of being constantly perplexed and uncertain about the future.

Fire forms an equally important part of the five elements Fire represents heat and light. From an early age, fire has been used as a tool for protection and transformation. Even hard metals like iron lose their shape in the fire; therefore Fire is the basis of all the life processes. It symbolizes life. If balanced, it can have huge constructive effects on your life. Fire is equated to money, fame and power. It also brings the required warmth to the relationships. Since it is the power behind all life processes, its imbalanced state leads to unnecessary stress, defamations, litigations, health problems like acidity and indigestion and frequent breakdown of electronics or machinery. The factors related to heat and light should be taken care of during the construction plan itself.

Air supports life. Therefore this element is associated with growth in our life. Air also symbolizes movement in our lives. Well-ventilated spaces always tend to bring freshness to a place. Our senses of sound, touch and feel are related to air. A balanced state of this element brings excitement, bliss and freshness to our lives. It provides us with the necessary spirit to take risks and grow in life. An imbalanced state may lead to inflexibility, confusion and instability. The person starts feeling of being static in all aspects of life i.e. no positive growth. Health issues like joint pain and skin infections may also be experienced.
Since all the main five elements are attributed with some powers, their balanced state allows an obstacle-free flow of life energies. Their congruent and balanced creation leads to a peaceful and harmonious life for the occupants. Any imbalance creates negative energies or blocks the proper flow of energies which leads to physical, mental and emotional unhappiness.