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21 Jan 2024

Correlation of Architecture Vaastu And Astrology

Let's understand the relationship between Architecture, Astrology and Vastu
This article aims at understanding the relationship between Architecture, Astrology and Vastu. Architecture is planning a space according to your functional needs and at the same time taking care of the aesthetics and complete utilization of the space. Having your own house or your very own luxurious office is a dream come true for most of us. We meticulously plan every detail to turn our virtual dreams into reality. All the resources in terms of time and money are directed towards realising this dream and finally, we have our wish come true. A luxurious, functional and beautiful space is ready.

But what happens, if despite all the comforts and luxury the people living in the house are not happy or the office does not yield as much profitability as expected? Here comes the role of Vastu. While planning a house, office or factory if the energies are balanced right from the beginning, the occupants will have a harmonious and peaceful life from the start, although the corrections done at a later stage also yield amazing results.
The Vastu Expert should also have good knowledge of Astrology to be able to give precise remedies. Vastu and Astrology complement each other, while Astrology is related to time, Vastu is related to space and architecture. Directions play a significant role in both astrology and Vastu. The 12 zodiac signs in Astrology are associated with the Panchtatvas or the five main elements balanced in Vastu. All the planets ruling our horoscopes are associated with the eight directions. Therefore while suggesting Vastu remedies; the planetary positions of the owner are also taken into account. If the consultant knows both Astrology and Vastu, the client has the advantage of knowing and taking remedial measures for both as an individual and for the building. If a certain planet is weak and is causing problems in the horoscope, the directions associated with it will also have imbalanced energies.

For example in a nav-grah temple, all the idols are kept in a way that they face their own directions, for eg, Sun is in the centre and faces east, Venus faces east, Mercury faces north-east, Jupiter faces north, Ketu faces north-west, Saturn faces west, Rahu faces south-west, Mars faces South and Moon faces South-East.
Therefore if a person is well versed in the principles of Architecture, Astrology and Vastu together, he/she will be the most apt person for consultation. All three fields are interconnected and hugely complement each other in the stages of planning as well as later in life.

Being an Architect and practising it for years, the Vastu Expert Ar. Praveen Checker, made a conscious effort to integrate Architecture with Astrology and Vastu. In-depth study and practice of all three fields together for so many years have enabled him to evolve himself as more of a “Healer”. He has consolidated a position where he can design and execute “Happy Places” which are visually stunning, where all the energies are balanced using vastu and individuals enjoy a joyous and fulfilling life.