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21 Jan 2024

Achieve the Maximum Potential In Education Of Your Child With Vastu

Education is the most vital tool in the development of the confidence and personality of the child right from pre-primary to higher education times. It paves the ultimate path for our future and enhances our life skills.

Some directions in Vastu are favorable and those that are not for a particular activity. According to Vastu the best direction for the child to study is the West-South-West.

If the child is studying in the non-favorable direction of the house then it would hamper in performance and concentration of the child. If you feel that recently the child has not been able to focus on studies, gets easily distracted by games, TV or any other reason, and does not perform well at exams or school, there may be chances that he is studying in a negative direction of the house.

During higher education sometimes even after wholehearted attempts at the entrance exams, you do not get the desired results or maybe some important Research Papers, although being appreciated is not being cleared. These kinds of issues arise due to the wrong placement of the study table or books.

For example: If the child studies in the North-North-West direction, then the child will be more inclined towards entertainment. The child will be too lenient towards studies if the study table is in the South direction. Other zones not suitable for studies are, South-South-West or the East- South East West-North-West.
These are a few points which should be kept in mind while deciding on the education area for your child to enhance his/her education abilities.

  1. According to Vastu the best direction for the study is West-South-West. The colour scheme of this area should be either cream, off-white or white. The area should have ample light if natural light is possible it is the best. The study table along with the books should be placed in this area only.
  2. The area should be clutter-free and no dustbin should be placed here.
  3. The direction of the study can be tweaked if improvement is required in some specific subjects. For example, if the child is pursuing analytical subjects like Mathematics and accounts, facing West while studying will be more beneficial. Facing East is good for children involved with more creative subjects.
  4. Other directions like North-East or South-East might also be considered for the study if West-South-West is not possible.
  5. For Children pursuing higher studies, all these favourable directions should be balanced to get the maximum results.

A Case Study
Mohana and Srikant are a wonderful couple with two children who have always been very affectionate and protective of each other. The couple loved each other and shared a very strong bond of mutual trust and love. The children had been given a very balanced environment at home where love and respect were an everyday norm for them. Sri Kant is a respectable businessman and has earned enough to give his family a very comfortable lifestyle. The wife had a creative inclination and was well-educated. The children had always been above average in academics and had made their parents proud on numerous occasions. Both of them well understood the importance of education in life and encouraged both children to pursue the fields of their interest. The elder son took up management studies and the daughter was more creative like the mother took English (Hons) and was more into creative writing. Everything was going fine until the time they shifted to a rented house because they wanted to rebuild their present house according to their future needs.
After a little more than a month of shifting the children had started losing focus on their studies, and the son was continuously adopting a laid-back attitude of "kar loonga, jaldi kya hai". The grades had started falling and the more he was reminded of the problem, the more agitated he got with the nagging. The daughter's concentration was also deteriorating. She had almost stopped writing beautiful poems and articles. Now she was more interested in meeting up the friends, partying and her looks and style. Any objection raised by the parents resulted in a stormy tantrum. The relationships once filled with love were now getting strained daily with no solution in sight.
Mohana and Sri Kant were at a complete loss with children. They were depressed and frustrated over the recent developments. They got a reference for Vastu Acharya Praveen Checker through a friend. Although they were staying on rent and it was a temporary arrangement till the new house was complete, they decided to get their house inspected for Vastu Defects to prevent the situation from aggravating further. After a detailed inspection of the house, the following steps were taken.


  1. .The son’s bedroom was in the South direction which was making him relaxed. A mirror was placed here.
  2. The washing machine was placed in West South West which is the ideal place for the study table.
  3. The daughter's bedroom was in the northwest direction leading to the increased social behavior. One of the walls of the room had a rust-coloured wallpaper.


  1. The son was shifted to the parent’s bedroom in North-East direction.
  2. The washing machine was removed from the NNW and shifted to an appropriate place.
  3. The wall colour in the daughter's bedroom was changed to a light soothing green. The study table was shifted to the West- North West direction. She was asked to spend maximum time there.
  4. The Earth's energies were neutralized and positive energy was channelled through remedies of the whole house.


Within three months their lives were coming back to normal. The aggression and the procrastination being shown by the son had diluted to a great extent and his focus was coming back to the studies again. The daughter had also resumed writing again and was now more concentrated on her college. The parents were so relieved that they got their new plans for the house(Architectural & Interiors) also made by Vastu Acharya Praveen Checker which were Vastu compliant.