Relationship between Vastu, Numerology and Human Body

Relationship between Vastu, Numerology and Human Body

Numerology and Vastu are connected together, as two branches of the Vedic Sciences. As in the previous article we read about the association of the nine planets to the directions. Since each direction is associated with a planet and each planet has its number and colour therefore in numerology, all the numbers are also associated with directions.

Numerology has three kinds of number,

basic number – This is the date of birth of a person, for example if the date of birth is 7 the basic number will be 7,  if it is 25 the basic number will be 2 + 5 is equal to 7.

Name number – It is the numerological value of the person’s  name

 destiny number – It is total of the date of birth (date, month, year) for example date of birth is 2510 1975 is equal to 2 + 5 + 1 + 0 + 1 +9 +7 + 5 = 30 = 3 + 0 =3
The relationship between the basic number and the direction is as follows :

Number Grid






To know the suitable direction for the owner of the land we look at the basic number of the owner, the direction in which this number is written is the suitable direction. If as in above example the basic number is 3, the suitable direction will be North East.
In case the date of birth is not known the first alphabet of the name of the person should be taken into consideration suppose the name of the person starts with “P” , so the suitable direction will be Northwest.

hindi grid-3






Similarly the human body if compared to the physical environment around, as a whole also represents the miniature of the nature. He also must follow the laws of nature because our body is also made up of 5 elements like the whole universe. Aham bhramasami or meaning that  I am Brahman and I am part of universe. This signifies that whatever is in the universe, is present in me and whatever is in me is a part of universe. The Vastu Purush of the Vastu Shashtra represents the distinct form of the cosmic being.  All the structure should be built keeping in mind the various aspects of Vastu Purush. One mouth in a human body represents 1 entrance and the 9 holes in the human body are similar to the nine planets.  The most important and major chakras are 7 in number present in our body transform the higher cosmic energy into a human usable form. Each chakra is ruled by a specific planetary energy and therefore each number in numerology influences a specific chakra in its function. All the chakras are in the midline of a body and are parallel to the spine. Each of them is associated with a particular colour, musical note, gemstone, fragrance, organ, psychological profile and spiritual lesson.

We will read more in detail about these chakras in the next article.

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