Vastu Consultant

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Vastu Consultant

Vaastu Solutions is an endeavour by Architect Praveen Checker (Vastu Consultant) to harmonize the flow of energies within a structure, to remove the Vastu defects with minimal or no structural changes. He is a qualified and experienced Vastu Consultant working professionally in the field of Vastu, Architecture and Astrology for the past 30 years.

Ar. Praveen Checker attained his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. He developed an illustrious career in the field of Architecture but the ways of God had always intrigued him and this led him into the quest of Vastu and Astrology. Integrating all three fields together was a conscious effort to achieve the best in Vastu. Astrology helps in considering the planetary positions of the owner while suggesting remedies. Being an Architect and Interior Designer gives him an edge over other Vastu Consultants since he is in a position to plan in accordance with Vastu without compromising on the aesthetic and visual value of the place. His approach is performance-oriented and he has successfully completed many cases with amazing results. He has studied and practised Vastu principles in depth and he has been able to incorporate them successfully in his designs also without compromising with the required functional flow of the spaces. His Vastu designs clearly signify that modern, luxurious spaces can be created keeping Vastu principles in mind bringing prosperity and peace in the occupant’s life.

Priti Checker is a Post Graduate in Hospital Management and has been studying and working in the field of Vastu with Mr Checker for many years now. Her background relating to the medical field has helped her in a deep understanding of the healing process that can be undertaken using the various gadgets and manipulation of energies.


Expert’s Perspective

Like the various systems of our body need to be healthy, balanced and working in tandem for our wellbeing, inculcating Vastu principles in our dwellings creates a balance between all the energies surrounding us bringing harmony, peace, health and prosperity.

Once all the energies have been synchronized, the principles laid down in Vastu Shashtra are followed to maintain the balance. Vastu removes the negative energies from the surroundings enabling us to fully concentrate on our work thereby reaping amazing results. Vastu is not a substitute for hard work and integrity, therefore our “Karma” has to be there for 100% results.

Hence Vastu can appropriately be termed as a “Science of Energies”. The key to Vastu Solutions lies in manoeuvring these energies for our gains without making any structural alterations. Since the energies of earth, cosmos and everything around us affect our thinking process, the paintings, colours, placement of objects, gadgets around us, everything needs to be balanced without destructive measures.