Being a professional from science and technology background I found it very difficult to understand and rationalize the Vastu  Shastra. You can call me more of a believer of the big bang theory but due to my upbringing some part of me is a bit religious as well. I was facing some challenges in my business growth for the past couple of years due to multiple reasons and I could very well rationalize them but I was putting in lot of effort and not seeing a proportionate result in the outcome. Mr. Praveen from Vastu Solutions went through my house and offices and did his Vastu analysis. Knowing me well, he literally made me do the changes. (Be ready, you may find it emotionally difficult to implement some of the changes). I have still not completed the entire Vastu plan yet but I have already started to see a huge amount of results. My company is taking off, my revenue stream has more than doubled and life itself seems flow with a bit more ease since the beginning of the Vastu changes to now. I want to claim that this is all due to my efforts but I know my efforts were not truly paying off before I Implemented the Vastu plan. So for as much of a science fact based person that I am you could now also call me a firm believer in Mr. Praveen and the power of Vastu. My wish is for everyone to have the truly life changing experience that I have gained through Mr. Praveen and the Vastu experience.”

RAVIN, CEO & President