Vastu Architecture

Vastu Architecture means constructing a building based on Vaastu principles making it a powerhouse of positive energy. It acts as a nitro pack to all the positive efforts of the occupants. The results of all the efforts put in are increased manifolds. If it is a house then peace, harmony and prosperity will rule and in workplaces or industries productivity and growth will reign. Buildings designed from the beginning in accordance to Vastu principles let the occupants flourish without compromising on the functionality and utility of the spaces. Designs are made utilizing the natural resources in the best possible way having minimal impact on the environment.

Vastu Designs can be executed in two different ways:

  • 1. Vastu Designs for a new Building are prepared with Architectural Consultancy - Consultancy for Architecture and Interior Designing can also be provided since Our Vastu Consultant is a renowned Architect having successfully completed innumerable projects under his aegis. All the detailed Presentation Drawings, Construction plans and Working drawings are provided from the inception to completion of the project.


  • 2. Vastu Based Conceptual Designs for a new Building - The proposed plans are evaluated in light of Vastu and best possible solutions are suggested in coordination with your Architect. If opted for, site visits can also be included based on your requirement.

A comprehensive report suggesting the Vaastu Remedies is given. The remedies are labelled on the floor plans for easy comprehension and tracking. The remedies suggested seldom involve structural changes. Almost all of the corrections are done through colors, paintings, sculptures, symbols or relocation of activity in a particular area. The remedies suggested are practical, easy to understand and follow.

Fees : On Request


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