How does Vastu Help in strengthening the relationships?

Can Vastu Help Me Restore Emotional Stability And Improve My Relationships ?

Good relationships in a family where good communication, respect, love, loyalty, and trust are part of every member's life, don't just happen but it has to be nurtured with time and patience. A healthy environment provides members with the support, encouragement, and empathy that they need. Similarly, the key to good relationships at the workplace is effective communication, respect, trust, and teamwork. This positive environment with the co-workers makes the job more enjoyable and productive.

But sometimes even after putting your heart and soul into building up positive relationships, things just don't seem to fit the puzzle. Since all the relationships have a unique set of aspirations, expectations, and emotions involved, it is very difficult to ensure all the relations are effectively managed to be in a healthy state.

 It is observed that every room or building has an effect on our mood based on the vibes received from that place. This leads to the generation of various emotions inside us. The places that we are visiting might have a temporary effect on us but the places where we live and work subtlety shapes our conscious and the personality. The range of emotions we go through has an impact on all the relationships we have.

 Since our emotions are affected by the colors of walls, curtains or paintings, placement of various artifacts and activities being carried out, Vastu helps to analyze their effect in our lives. With Vastu, we can develop an environment full of positive energy. This uplifts our mood, capacity to work and gives us a positive attitude towards all the endeavors of life.

It is remarkable to know how Vastu in your home or office strongly regulate and influence your relationships. For example, South-West of the house controls relationships between husband-wife, parent-children. North-West controls relationships with relatives whose support may be vital to you. In an office, North controls the relationship with the clients.  Any anti-element or anti-color in these directions can prove unfortunate for these relationships.

With Vastu remedies, you can solve relationship problems, save marriages, improve bonding among family members and create a positive, productive and cordial working environment in the office.

These are some Vastu tips to ensure good relationships 

  1. If main entrance of your home is located in the South-West direction, place a yellow color stone strip between the members of chowkhat of the door. It will strengthen your connectivity with your family and impart financial stability.
  2. To control aggressive behavior, paint yellow color in the South-East zone.
  3. To avoid frequent arguments with wife, shift bedroom from East-South-East to the South direction. Also, place a pair of lovebirds in the South-West.
  4. Place a family photograph in South-West, to experience strong family harmony.

A Case Study

Kamaljeet and Simran were very good friends since childhood. Their families had been very close to each other being partners in the same business. Unlike other business houses, there was no discord in these families. Everyone revered each other and there was complete transparency in the business matters between the families. The business was also flourishing and everyone was just happy and content with the way everything was turning out to be. It was but natural, that both the families decided to turn their relationship into a stronger bond by marrying their children. Kamaljeet and Simran were also very fond of each other and they understood each other very well. Although Simran was a year older to Kamaljeet, it did not matter. Both of them were actively involved in the family business and were doing appreciably good. Everyone believed that it was a perfect match and even an astrologer stamped it so. The marriage took place with huge pomp and show and everyone was happy.

Even after knowing and understanding each other for so many years the newly-wed couple started having issues with small things. Both of them tried to cope up with it thinking that being just friends and then living together as a couple an entirely different experience. They believed that all these teething problems would vanish away with time. But to everyone's surprise this did not happen, instead, the relationship was going from bad to worse. The parents of both the families were hurt and upset because they simply adored both the kids and they had expected to make a stronger family bond with the marriage. Less than a year after the couple decided that this daily squabbling was hurting everyone more and they should get divorced.

It was the time that Kamaljeet’s father contacted Mr. Checker and asked him to help get the relationship of their children back on track.


  1. Before marriage, the house was renovated and the bedroom for the newly-wedded couple was made in South-East direction which signifies anxiety, fire, and aggression. The walls and décor of the room were in light green.
  2. There was a toilet in South- West direction which controls the relationships.
  3. Royal blue curtains and upholstery was used in East-South-East direction leading to overthinking.


  1. Since they had a nice guest bedroom in the North-North-West direction, the couple was asked to shift in that bedroom. The color of the room was already in a combination of light blue and white, so there was a need to renovate the room also.
  2. The toilet was treated using a brass strip around the toilet seat.
  3. The blue curtains were replaced with light yellow ones and a painting with the churning scene was placed in the area.


With a lot of counselling, the couple agreed to give their marriage another shot with the remedies done. Eventually, over the time of few weeks, they realized that they had stopped being bothered by those unnecessary issues. Their relationship was becoming much more cordial and smooth. They could again be like old friends who understood each other well. They had started experiencing the real marital bliss. The parents knew no bounds to their happiness.

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