How can Vastu help me in attaining Fame & Recognition?

People work for money but go the extra mile for fame & recognition, praise, and rewards.

Fame & Recognition is a short-term need which has to be fulfilled on an ongoing basis. Appreciation and recognition for good work are expected by every individual. Even a small toddler who cannot express clearly looks up his/her mother for appreciation even for smallest of the achievements. This provides the necessary encouragement to perform better and advance further. Our home is divided into different zones wherein each zone signifies different activities we undertake. Imbalance in any zone will affect our life areas (health, relationships, education, mental peace etc.) negatively. The South direction of our house and workplace signifies the fame and recognition we receive for our work.

So, it is imperative for an individual to achieve the desired level of fame and recognition for overall growth, success and a positive attitude. In Vastu, the South and South East directions should be balanced for a person to achieve the desired fame and glory. This direction is represented by fire so the kitchen of the house can be planned here. The other directions like North East and East which are responsible for a person’s ability to take right decisions, enhanced self-confidence, leadership qualities and quality to interact with other people effectively also need to in sync with the overall energy. A person is able to realize his/her full potential when the energies of all these areas are balanced and complement each other.  

These are few points to be considered:

  1. The south direction representing fire should not have any water or air elements like an aquarium, paintings with waterfalls or river, decorative waterfalls or water reservoirs. This anti-element causes imbalance and leads to disruption of mental peace and loss of wealth.
  2. The North East is very suitable for the religious purpose, a place or worship can be planned in this area. It gives a person the clarity of thoughts to take right decisions.


A Case Study

Sarika had been a very sincere and hardworking person since her school days. She was always focused and possessed a good analytical mind. She had a dream of joining the family business of Garments and taking it to new heights. Her father and elder brother were already expanding the business to new regions. She completed her business studies from a premier institute and armed with all the required knowledge started working with her father. In the beginning, for nearly a year she tried to learn all the practical aspects of the trade. She took all the criticism in her stride and never complained about how she felt to anyone. She was the creative head of the company and wanted to prove herself. For next five years, she really worked hard and her novel and creative ideas carried the company to a new level. Her parents were proud of her and the elder brother considered her a great asset to the company. In the following year, she got married into a family of professionals. Everyone was very supportive of her to continue working in her parents' company so there was no quibbling over the issue. She resumed working after a short break. But this time it was not so easy to get the required appreciation. There was a sudden drop in Sarika's performance. In the beginning, it was assumed that a new setup and life situations may be responsible but soon Sarika realized that how much ever she tried to bring out her best, nothing was working out. She was no longer been recognized as the star performer of the company. She was completely stupefied with herself. She was unable to figure out that why her efforts were going unrecognized and what has changed since then.   

Even her husband was facing a similar issue in his office. He was always complaining about how the opportunities coming his way landed up in somebody else’s platter despite having all the required competency. He was always searching for appreciation from his seniors which never came his way. A common friend could see them slipping into a vicious cycle of depression. He brought the couple to Vaastu Solutions for a Vastu consultation for their house.


  1. The South zone was cut the house, therefore the couple found it difficult to be heard at work or get acknowledged for their efforts.
  2. A beautiful blue painting of waterfall was hanging on the wall but being an anti-element it was taking away the positive energy.
  3. The North East zone had a small cabinet which was all cluttered up.


  1. The energies of South zone was enhanced by using lively shades of red and orange. The place was brightly lit.
  2. The blue painting was removed and shifted to the North East zone.
  3. The North East cabinet was cleaned and all the clutter removed.  
  4. A dustbin was placed in South-South West Zone.


After a few weeks the couple had started feeling more confident and with time there was a turnaround in the way they were being treated. Their efforts were being recognized and appreciated too. Both of them were basking in their new found glory and were at peace with their lives. Now they were in a position to plan other things in their life happily.

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