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07 Mar 2024

About Vaastu and It’s Importance in Our Life

How does the application of Vaastu help us ?

First of all, it would be wise to begin with the introduction of Vaastu as being purely a science and not a religion. Anybody of any caste, creed or religion may follow it to realize their desire for a harmonious, evolutionary and peaceful environment. The troubles and accomplishments that an individual experiences, can be categorized as being due to destiny, karma and the external environmental conditions i.e. Vaastu.  It is a well-known concept that the five elements of nature are the basis of all the creations in the world. It is important to keep these five elements balanced in our lives to achieve happiness not only in terms of wealth but mental and spiritual growth too.

In Vaastu the North represents water (jal) , the South is for fire (Agni) , the West is for earth and space (Prithvi, Aakash) and the East is for Air (vayu). Vaastu is an application to harnesses and harmonizes these basic five elements to bring bliss to one’s life. Vaastu helps us to draw the power from nature in the most natural way so that we can reach our full potential; the almighty supports us in a way where we achieve our desired objectives in an easy, smooth and effortless way.

Vaastu is applied to homes and other commercial buildings too. Ideally, Vastu principles should be followed right from the planning stage of a structure but it also advises corrective measures later on. The majority of the corrective measures can be achieved without doing demolitions.  The colours, artefacts, paintings and placement of rooms, carrying out different activities in various areas, everything affects our thought process; state of mind and thereby our actions and speech. 

Hence the atmosphere created for us should be such that our mind should feel relaxed, calm, and cheerful and the body should feel rejuvenated, strong and healthy. Vaastu helps you to achieve this “atmosphere” and the occupants automatically, think positively and respond to every situation positively thereby reaping positive results. So the importance of Vaastu in our life is immense and we can take advantage to make our life Happy.