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How can Vastu help me in attaining Fame & Recognition?

People work for money but go the extra mile for fame & recognition, praise, and rewards. Fame & Recognition is a short-term need which has to be fulfilled on an ongoing basis. Appreciation and recognition for good work are expected by every individual. Even a small toddler who cannot express clearly looks up his/her mother…

How Can Vastu Help In Education Of My Child?

Achieve the Maximum Potential In Education Of Your Child With Vastu Education is the most vital tool in the development of the confidence and personality of the child right from pre-primary to higher education times. It paves the ultimate path for our future and enhances our life skills. There are some directions in Vastu that…

How does Vastu Help in strengthening the relationships?

Can Vastu Help Me Restore Emotional Stability And Improve My Relationships ? Good relationships in a family where good communication, respect, love, loyalty, and trust are part of every member's life, don't just happen but it has to be nurtured with time and patience. A healthy environment provides members with the support, encouragement, and empathy…

Geopathic Stress – How Does It Affect Us?

What is Geopathic stress (GS) and how does it affect us? Geopathic stress, wherein Geo means “Earth”, Pathos means “sorrow” and stress is the trauma we experience. Geopathic Stress is due to the distorted Electromagnetic field of the Earth. The Earth resonates with an electromagnetic frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz called Schumann Waves. These waves…

Correlation of Architecture, Vaastu And Astrology

Lets understand the relationship between Architecture, Astrology and Vastu This article aims at understanding the relationship between Architecture, Astrology and Vastu. Architecture is planning of a space in accordance to your functional needs and at the same time taking care of the aesthetics and complete utilization of the spaces. Having your own house or your very own…

The Main Five Elements

Panch Mahabhoot Tatvas or The Main Five Elements of which the whole universe is made up of is the basis of all life. The Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jal), fire (Agni), Space (Akaash) and Air(Vayu) need to be in harmony inside the body for us to remain healthy. Vastu serves to balance all the main five elements…

About Vaastu and It’s Importance in Our Life

How does application of Vaastu help us ? First of all it would be wise to begin with the introduction of Vaastu as being purely a science and not a religion. Anybody of any caste, creed or religion may follow it to realize their desire for a harmonious, evolutionary and peaceful environment. The troubles and…

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