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How can Vastu help me in attaining Fame & Recognition?

People work for money but go the extra mile for fame & recognition, praise, and rewards. Fame & Recognition is a short-term need which has to be fulfilled on an ongoing basis. Appreciation and recognition for good work are expected by every individual. Even a small toddler who cannot express clearly looks up his/her mother…

How does Vastu Help in strengthening the relationships?

Can Vastu Help Me Restore Emotional Stability And Improve My Relationships ? Good relationships in a family where good communication, respect, love, loyalty, and trust are part of every member's life, don't just happen but it has to be nurtured with time and patience. A healthy environment provides members with the support, encouragement, and empathy…

Relationship between Vastu, Numerology and Human Body

Relationship between Vastu, Numerology and Human Body Numerology and Vastu are connected together, as two branches of the Vedic Sciences. As in the previous article we read about the association of the nine planets to the directions. Since each direction is associated with a planet and each planet has its number and colour therefore in…