Preliminary Consultation

It is important to know whether the problems being faced are due to Vastu or not. This Consultation is for determination of any Vastu defects in the building and whether any further action is required. Before you opt for Vastu Analysis Report, Preliminary Consultation gives you the true picture of the building from the perspective of Vastu.

To determine Vastu related defects in an existing building you will need to come with following things:

  • To-the-scale plans of the structure. In case the plans are not available, hand drawn labelled drawings can work. (Later if Vastu Analysis Report is required for list of remedies then proper drawings with measurements will be made.)
  • Alignment of the existing building in respect to the true-north. Here, care has to be taken that deviation should not be more than 2- 3 degrees; else it will impact the analysis as it would change the position of the zones.

In Preliminary Consultation for an existing Building followings points will be reviewed:

Plot assessment :

  • i) The direction of the plot in respect to the true North.
  • ii) Shape of the plot.
  • iii) Assessment of the neighboring buildings, structures or water bodies.

Building Assessment :

  • This involves review of the position of the main entrance, position of the various rooms and activities associated with each room. Whole area is divided into 16 zones on the basis of which the evaluation is done.

Preliminary Consultation for proposed plans for a new structure.

Preliminary Consultation is also good for proposed plans wherein Vastu defects are conveyed if any, before the construction begins. This saves a lot of stress, time and money in future. If the building is found to have Vastu related defects, Vastu Remedies can be suggested through Vastu Analysis Report with or without site visit as the need be.
Please note Preliminary consultation does not include remedies or detailed analysis.

Fees : Rs. 5,000 + GST as applicable

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