Vastu Services include consultation for Home, Offices, Corporate, Institutions, Industries, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants. The main aim of providing Vastu remedies is to capitalize on the strength of the place and eliminate the weaknesses. The remedies are result oriented and they serve to enhance the potential of the occupants to the fullest. The positive energies are harnessed to give the desired results. Our Vastu Services include both onsite and offsite consultations to both National and International clients. Architectural and Interior Designing Consultancy is also provided for the Vastu Designs, if required.
  • Preliminary Consultation

    It is important to know whether the problems being faced are due to Vastu or not. This Consultation is for determination of any Vastu defects in the building and whether...

  • Vastu Analysis Report Without Site Visit

    If after a preliminary consultation the concerned building is found to have Vastu defects then Vastu Analysis without site visit is undertaken. The Client has to provide us with the following:...

  • Vastu Analysis Report With Site Visit

    Sometimes Vastu Analysis requires more detailed assessment especially if the plans are not available or the problems explained do not match with the provided details. In such a case site...

  • Vastu Designs for New Building

    A building based on Vastu principles is a powerhouse of positive energy. It acts as a nitro pack to all the positive efforts of the occupants. The results of all...